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Dear Reader,

Let’s get straight to it…
I want to get a copy of my new report Three Penny Stock Eruptors – How to make 400% from the Coming SA Energy Boom in your hands PRONTO.
The reason is simple…
I don’t think you’ll find a better way to double, even triple your money…over the next two years.
Take it from the 5,000+South Africans who’ve already downloaded a copy and are clued into my research…
Since we opened doors in 2010, they’re enjoyed a return of 380% while the JSE topped out at a 126%. And in this time, we saw some serious eruptions
Santova just 14 months
Conduit Capital UP 164.29% in 22 months
Adapt IT Soared 109.16% in 13 months
Poynting UP 215% in only 6 months
Ansys 114% in 13 months
Insimbi Refractories Surged 54% in just 5 months!
These aren’t predictions. These are the genuine penny stock gains my readers are sitting on as I type.
Not bad, right?
And sure, there’s a few losses among my buy list. When you’re dealing with a market this wild…it can be a white-knuckle roller coaster at times.
Even so, the average gain is +57.04%.
While the average loss weighs in at just –27%.
In other words, the average win is more than TWO TIMES bigger than the average loss.
I don’t say this to brag. I’ve written this letter because I want YOU in on these spectacular gains, too.
All you need to do is download your FREE copy of Penny Stock Eruptors right away.
Now, I can’t name the penny stocks on my open buy list…that’d be unfair to paid-up subscribers.
But I can promise you this…
Read this letter in full and I’ll show you how to join them!
All you need to do is... 
Inside Penny Stock Eruptors, you’ll discover the penny stocks I believe will forever-alter the energy industry. Plus, I’ll show you the warning signs that signal the bad pennies out there.
I’ve made it so that anyone can start investing in penny stocks right away:
  • All you need is an internet connection…
  • A few hundred rands to risk on today’s top penny stock plays…
  • And your personal copy of Penny Stock Eruptors!
Inside, you’ll find all the tools you need to start your penny stock investing journey immediately. Including:
  • How to profit from the Eskom Coal Cliff
  • Three chances to make a 400% mega gain in 2018 from the Energy Revolution
This report is written in plain English. I break everything down for you so there’s zero confusion.
But the question is…
Will you take the leap?
I hope so.
Because every second you’re not plugged into this erupting market…you’re missing out on penny stocks that could make you some serious money.
Money that could give you a massive leg-up in life…and maybe add a zero or two to your retirement balance.
Let me show you…

Here’s how you could turn R10,000 into R1,190,000 
Hold your breath for a second and take a look at how this simple “doubling action” could make you a millionaire:
R10,000 invested in Santova in Jan 2014 would have turned into R36,238 just 13 months later after a 262.39% gain.
That R36,238 invested in Conduit Capital in February 2015 would have turned into 95,493 after a 163% gain 8 months later.
A quick 114% gain from Insimbi in 5 months, would've then turned your 95,493 into R204,628…
Then, if you’d put that into Silverbridge you’d have turned your 204,6284 into R478,831 by September 2016.
Then, if you’d put all your gains into Trustco in October 2016, you’d have turned your 478,831 into an amazing R723,451 - just 3 months later!
One more smart investment in Merafe would have taken your R723,451 to a sweet R1.19 million in just five months on 31 October 2017

You’d be a penny stock millionaire!
That’s an extreme example. I’m not saying you’ll end up with millions in the bank just by following my recommendations. This is a high-risk market.
You’d be foolish to think otherwise. There’s a chance you could lose money here. Penny stocks are the sharpest end of investing there is.
But lay down a little money on the right small cap…at the right time…and you could end up a very happy penny stock investor.
One Penny Stock Eruptor I’m backing right now could turn every R1,000 into R3,000, 2 years from now.
Penny Stock Eruptor readers already know about this breakthrough penny stock… 
I want to fill you in, too.
You can download your free ‘soft’ copy immediately. I’ll show you how in a few minutes.
Frankly, I think you’re mad if you don’t at least dip your toe in.
You’ll get access to the 3 penny stocks set to erupt as SA’s energy revolution takes off. Penny Stock Eruptors could make a massive difference to your personal wealth.
And right now is simply the best time to claim your copy.
2017 was a slow year for small caps. That’s why I’m so excited.
The market is heating up as Eskom’s Coal Cliff becomes real!
And these three Penny Stock Eruptors have not been idling on the sidelines…
because as I’m about to show you…
When the energy revolution hits and it will hit, the penny stock gains over the past 8 years are NOTHING compared to what’s coming up in 2018…
On Monday 16 April, the Eskom Coal Cliff became real
Monday 16 April: , Chris Yelland, BusinessTech.Co.Za: 
“Credible reports are being received of alarming coal supply problems at numerous Eskom coal-fired power stations in South Africa’s Mpumalanga province.”
Tuesday 17 April, TimesLive:
“Eskom doing everything to avoid load shedding amid coal crunch”
Friday 20 April, ENCA quoted Eskom as saying:
"It was making contingency plans to ensure lights stay on this winter amid a coal shortage.”
So, folks, it’s fair to say that day has come – Eskom is running out of coal and the lights could really go out this winter!
But out of every crisis, comes opportunity.
And I believe this opportunity will kick off the greatest energy revolution South Africa has ever experienced, and a handful of savvy investors stand to profit by the bucket load if they act now!
Let me explain….
This is the start of South Africa’s biggest revolution and it’s all about energy
According to Dictionary.Com A revolution is a radical and pervasive change in society and the social structure, especially one made suddenly and often accompanied by violence”.
Whilst I doubt there will be violence, I expect things to get messy. And I expect big changes will come in the next three years.
Expect strikes, protests and marches as Eskom attempts to increase electricity prices 10%, 20% and 30% a year going forward.
You see, with the current situation there’s only three ways Eskom can keep the lights on:
  1. Eskom needs to run emergency power such as diesel and gas turbines. 
  2. Eskom needs to source more coal. 
  3. Eskom must tap into new energy sources 
With Eskom in trouble – Here’s how you can make money
There is only one way to to profit from Eskom’s Coal Cliff – and SA’s new energy revolution and that is to invest in these three Penny Stock Eruptors:
Penny Stock Eruptor #1: 
A coal miner that's set to quadruple production and come to Eskom's rescue
Penny Stock Eruptor #2: 
The only such business in Africa, with the technology to turn refuse into electricity
Penny Stock Eruptor #3: 
A South African company that builds and manages renewable energy plants
I expect these THREE Penny Stock Eruptors to make 100% to 200% in the next year alone!

Can you see why I want to get my report in your hands ASAP?
Eskom just greenlit a full-blown energy boom!  
And it’s just the beginning…
Inside Penny Stock Eruptors, you’ll discover all the unstoppable forces coming together to push these energy company share prices into the stratosphere this year.
Before long, mainstream media like Financial Times, and Business Insider will be saying: ‘get ready for an energy explosion.’
I agree. That’s why I’m arming all my readers with my top three energy plays for the next two years.
You’ll receive instant access to all three…PLUS, my full penny stock buy list the moment you download your free copy of Penny Stock Eruptors.
I’ll show you how to grab your copy in a minute…
First, it’s about time I introduced myself.
Your Penny Stock Mentor…

Hi, my name is Francois Joubert.
When it comes to investing in the stock market, I believe there’s only ONE way to make serious gains. 
It’s not something you’re likely to hear about from a broker, or any run-of–the-mill financial advisor. In fact, it remains virtually overlooked by the majority of mainstream investors.
Today I’d like to show you why I think it’s entirely possible for you to make 100%, even 200% in the next 12 months … Because although there are a lot of gloomy economic headlines out there right now, it doesn’t mean investment opportunities are thin on the ground.
I started investing in this particular type of small cap share when I was at university at the age of 19.
I started with R15,000 - paid for my studies, bought my first property and started a business with the money I made from the shares I bought with my initial investment…
Since then I’ve used it to pay for and finance my:
  • House – I live out near Harties…
  • My car
  • Four property investments – already giving me a profit of around R12,000 a month
  • My wife’s car
  • Our holidays  - I’ve been to Malaysia, Indonesia, Mozambique and on a number of South African holidays in the last year alone!
I’m pretty much debt – free and I’m 29 years old!
Now you may just think I’m lucky but over the years, I’ve helped family members like my father and uncle, fund their retirement by setting up their own portfolios.
And it’s also why in 2010 I decided to chuck in my engineering job to pursue my passion for investing and join FSP Investment Research.
And it’s paid off.
It enabled me to do two things.
First, to concentrate my skills and experience on penny share investing, and second, to help the novice investor through my newsletter, Red Hot Penny Shares.
Since 2010, I’ve been helping a a small group of investors grow their wealth. Those who have been with me since the beginning have grown their money fivefold.
In fact, had you followed each of my recommendations since 2010 you could’ve easily turned R15,000 into more than R72,000 by today.

And it doesn’t matter when you start – here’s the kind of performance my total small cap investment portfolio has delivered in just the last four years alone:
2014 – 41.74%
2015 – 43.03%
2016 – 22.21%
2017 – 6.63%
The same amount invested in an Index Tracking ETF such as the Satrix 40 would’ve turned your R15,000 into only R29,484 between 1 January 2010 and 27 September 2017.
That means your investment in the kind of small cap shares I recommend would’ve outperformed the market nearly three fold!

Get straight-up, meticulous research from your very own small cap guru!
Today I’d like to work for YOU. I’d like you to accept my free Penny Stock Eruptors offer which includes a a three month, no obligation membership to Red Hot Penny Shares.
In return, I’ll rush you the three company profiles featured in this report right away so you can position yourself to make 100% to 200% in the next 12 months alone.
Of course, if you don’t want to invest you can just study my analysis. Read about each company…
Watch their progress… Or simply ‘paper trade’ my recommendations to see if they are correct. This way you can make sure penny share investing is something you’re comfortable with before putting up your cash. It’s entirely up to you.
Either way, I pledge you this: See them profit. Or get a full refund.
Remember: I’ll be shocked if these three stocks DON’T make you money over the next 24 months…
And I don’t say this blindly: I’m not just some naïve cowboy straight out of business school who thinks big profits can be generated with a couple of buttons on my laptop.
What’s more – I really LOVE the work I do! And I’m absolutely convinced that my strategy can help you make significant gains on your investments…
Get FULL access to my entire portfolio for the next three months

The three exciting stock tips I’ve outlined in my Penny Stock Eruptors report today are really only the beginning.
Right now my portfolio is absolutely jam-packed with stocks. And I think every single one of them is brimming with the potential to make you money. Sign up for your Penny Stock Eruptors' Wealth Package today, and you’ll have full access immediately.
You’ll be privy to all kinds of money-making opportunities: technology advances, rare metals, new oil discoveries, diamond mines, medical breakthroughs… Each stock I pick is researched to the hilt, and most of them stem from a thrilling history that even the most conservative investor would be excited to be a part of.
I believe that the stocks included in your exclusive FREE profiles have the real, tangible potential to make you at least 400%, over the next 24 months. Frankly, I’d be surprised if they don’t!
Agree to try out Red Hot Penny Shares, and you’ll be privy to many more potential-packed profit stories...
Here’s what you’ll get if you sign up today
Simply fill out the online membership application at the end of this letter and I’ll send you your FREE Penny Stock Eruptors report immediately.
Then, for the next three months (and after that if you choose to stay on as a member) I’d like to send you my latest new small cap discoveries.
Once a month, you’ll receive a newsletter packed with all the latest share recommendations I believe have the potential to double your money.
I’ll tell you what the risks and potential rewards are, what price I recommend to get in at, and what I’ve calculated as a realistic target price. PLUS, I’ll tell you what action to take on existing shares in the portfolio, whether to buy more, sell or hold your position for the time being.
You can follow some, all or none of my research. You can invest in the shares I provide, or simply paper trade them for a while. It’s entirely up to you.
I’ll also send you email updates every Tuesday, where I pass on urgent news and updates I hear that might affect your shares. If the halo starts to slip on any of our shares, I’ll email you and advise you to sell your holding – that way we’ll aim to keep any losses to an absolute minimum.
If, during this three-month membership you decide that my Wealth package isn’t for you, simply cancel.
I’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.
And the play book plus the issues and updates you’ll get will be yours to keep – for FREE – no matter what. Consider them a gift for agreeing to try my newsletter!
If I’m wrong and my stock tips don’t make you money, you won’t have lost a single cent of your membership cost. If I’m right, I’m hoping you’ll stay on as a regular and become a member of one of South Africa’s hottest penny share investment circles…

Be warned: this is seriously addictive stuff!
Take it from some of my readers…
“I’m delighted with the advice and information I receive from red hot penny shares which grew my portfolio by 30 % in 3 months. The information they provide on shares are accurate and well researched.”
– Adam, Cape Town
“I am 33 years old and inherited R 100,000. My aim is to invest it in such a way that I can retire before age 55. With the help of RHPS I am ahead of schedule after only 1 year and I may be able to retire rich and young!” Fact is, trading penny shares is a real rush. There’s nothing like watching a little company YOU backed from the start hitting the big time…”
– Ben Joubert, Faunasig
Especially when you bought it for pennies!
I haven’t found anything that can beat the thrill of starting up my computer to see how the stocks I’ve backed are doing. And I’m pretty sure you’ll feel exactly the same way. So, crunch time…
How much will you pay should you decide to stick around?
I won’t insult your intelligence. I get paid quite reasonably by my publisher to provide this service. If I can be blunt about this – income is of little importance to me. But I’m still a businessman. And my expertise does come at a price.
So a one year membership to Red Hot Penny Shares will cost you just R1,270. (R106 a month). That’s it. That’s what I normally charge.
Let me put that into context for you: I know some fund managers who charge that for a FIVE MINUTE consult... My share advisory service works out at R3.41 A DAY!
“It is the most profitable newsletter for anybody who is interested in shares or who invests on the stock market.”
– A.S. Rautenbach
That price includes a monthly online research report filled with my latest share tips; in-depth analysis; and a summary of why I think these stocks are worth a punt.
And each Tuesday I’ll send you an important email updating you with any news on our open portfolio positions, detailing their progress and whether you should “buy”, “sell” or hold on for the ride! Plus, you’ll have full access to our exclusive member’s website and the entire Red Hot Penny Shares archive.
When you consider the number of high potential companies I’ll be clueing you up on, I reckon that R1,270 seems like a pretty good deal.
Now, R1,270 is the full official fee. But that’s not what you will pay today.
My publishers have kindly allowed me to offer you an introductory price of just R870 (R106 a month) for your first year – provided you respond now.
That’s a massive 31% discount! 
Just fill in the online membership certificate at the end of this letter to activate your 90-day ‘Penny Stock Eruptors’ Wealth package, and everything you’ve read about in this letter is yours – for less than the cost of dinner for two at a half-decent restaurant!
Now I don’t want you to make any decisions just yet – because that’s not all you’ll get should you accept my free Eruptors offer today... The offer gets much better….
Three FREE gifts that aim to make you a smarter, richer penny share profit hunter!
  FREE GIFT #1: The Investor’s Toolkit
This exclusive report is designed as a step-by-step guide for new stock market investors. In it you will find all the tools, tips and tricks you need to intelligently evaluate any share on the market; including how to grasp the intricacies of PE ratios, earnings yield, net asset value, cash flow and more.
FREE GIFT #2: How to Make Big Money in the Exciting World of Penny Shares
This guide includes absolutely everything you need to know about investing in… and profiting from… the exiting world of penny shares.
FREE GIFT #3: A lifetime subscription to MoneyMorning
MoneyMorning daily e-letters are packed with ‘must-know’ market intelligence and contrarian commentary by top market analysts that will take you into the exciting world of investing. If you hate to waste time reading mediocre financial ‘news’, then you’ll love MoneyMorning!
And there’s even more…
My Wealth package also includes:
Weekly email updates
My weekly Tuesday email alerts will bring you up to date on our current share selections, and up-to the-minute information on emerging penny share winners to boost your portfolio – in short, everything you need to know to quickly act on and make money.
Direct access to the FSP Investment research community
Send me your questions, day or night, about any share in our portfolio and I’ll address your queries in my weekly email updates.
Private access to the Members-Only section of our website
You’ll get your own personal password so you can log onto our new investment portal, day or night. Here you will discover a comprehensive archive of past issues, all my personal recommendations and a constantly expanding library of special report and specific time sensitive opportunities.
Special broker rates with some of the top brokerages in the country
I have negotiated special discounted rates with some of the best brokerage houses in South Africa – exclusively for my Red Hot Penny Shares members.
Now that I’ve told you exactly what you’ll get with your Penny Stock Eruptors Wealth package, is there really any reason not to get started straight away… 
Francois Joubert,
Analyst, Red Hot Penny Shares
PS: I believe the three FREE Penny Stock Eruptor recommendations I’ve described to you in this report could make you at least 400% in the next 24 months. 
Remember: these profiles and all the additional FREE gifts detailed in this report will be yours to keep whether you decide to continue with your subscription or not.
PPS: My strategy locks onto the kind of stocks most investors never hear about until long after the BIG gains have been made. I’m offering you first dibs on what I believe are some of the most exciting, potential-packed profit opportunities out there today! And I’ll be amazed if the three stocks I’ve already outlined DON’T make you at least 400% over the next 24 months.

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